Blog Income Report-How I Made $75.40 My 3rd Month Blogging

Can you believe it’s already October?!

I know I can’t!

But that means one thing!

It’s time for my September 2019 blog income report.

blog income report

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Before we get into my September income report I just wanted to say a huge thank YOU for the feedback I got on my first blog income report.

You have no idea how much all your comments and messages mean!

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September 2019 Blog Income Report

Welcome to my 3rd month of blogging income and traffic report where I’ll share my ups, my downs and everything in-between.

And let me tell you, there we a lot of those.

If I had to choose one word to describe my blogging journey in September, it would be a rollercoaster.

There were moments I felt like I was on top of the world.

But there were also moments where I felt like nothing was going “right”(whatever that even means).

And today I want to talk about everything!

As I don’t want my income reports to just be about numbers where I show screenshots of my analytics and income.

Because when you just see the numbers you don’t actually know anything about that person’s blogging journey and how that month was ACTUALLY for them.

And I think that’s important as well.

Even more important than traffic and income.

As it shows that blogging is not easy and that we all have different struggles and doubts.

And that, that’s OKAY!

Nobody has it all figured out 24/7.

Quite frankly, I would be concerned if I did…

Before we start…

If this is your first time reading one of my income reports, here are just a few things you should know:

  • September was my 3rd month of THIS blog but I have 6 years of blogging experience behind me
  • when I started this blog I knew I wanted to turn it into a business (and treat it like one)
  • the main reason I share my income reports is to motivate (you reading this and myself)

(You can read my first income report if you’re interested in my full story and reasons behind sharing my progress and my income)


In September I had almost 5.5k pageviews which is 400 more than in August.

But even though it was higher than the month before, I’m a bit disappointed as I was hoping to reach 7k pageviews.

Remember when I mentioned a rollercoaster earlier?

Well, that’s the perfect description of my traffic from September.

As you can see from the screenshot below, it started pretty good but then in the middle of the month (literally overnight) my traffic went down.

google analytics September 2019 blog traffic report

I was barely getting 100 pageviews a day (some days I was even under 100…)

And that continued for around two weeks.

Not gonna lie, I was feeling very discouraged and like I was doing something wrong (but couldn’t figure out what).

I was constantly trying to increase my traffic by creating new pins and joining Facebook threads.

But nothing was working!

Then I came across a thread in one of my Facebook groups where some bloggers were talking about Pinterest and how their traffic was very low. Some even said that they hadn’t experienced something like that in YEARS.

Needless to say, seeing that thread made me feel a lot better.

I felt calmer as I saw it was out of my control.

You know how I said my traffic dropped overnight?

Well, it went back to normal overnight as well! (just look at that jump from Sep 21 to Sep 22!!)

That whole thing with Pinterest made me realise that I can’t control everything.

And that’s okay!

But what I can control is working hard and creating great content.

That’s honestly, all that matters.

As long as I give my best I’m happy!

Even if it doesn’t always “pay off” right away.

Because blogging is not easy and it’s a marathon not a sprint!

Email subscribers

blog email list building

I’m very happy with how my email list is growing so far. Building my list is one of my main priorities for this website.

In my How to build an email list post I talked about the importance of list building and I truly think that your list is your most valuable asset. It’s the only thing you actually own (besides your website)!

So if you haven’t started your email list yet, I seriously recommend you do it asap!


I already talked about my traffic and how Pinterest was going crazy in the middle of the month.

You can clearly see that by my Pinterest analytics as well.

I’m just glad everything’s gone back to normal and that I’m finally seeing some progress.

pinterest analytics september 2019 progress

Income report

Now let’s look at my September income report.

The reason you are actually here.

Affiliate income:

  • Bluehost:$75
  • Grammarly:$0.40

My total income: $75.40

I made a total of $75.40 in September which I still can’t believe.

My income is another thing I was feeling discouraged about.

Last week I had a day when I was feeling quite disappointed in myself and what I was doing because I had “only” made $0.40. (I put only in ” ” because making ANY money in your 3rd month is HUGE progress and success).

I didn’t feel that way because I didn’t make money but because I didn’t want to disappoint YOU.

I share my progress and my income reports with the world and that, honestly, puts pressure on me (let’s clarify, I PUT pressure on myself).

That I “need” to get more pageviews and earn money than the previous month. That if I don’t I will disappoint you.

Writing that makes me realise how stupid it sounds but it’s the truth.

And then when I resigned with the fact that I made less than a $1 and that that’s OKAY I got an email that I had referred somebody to Bluehost and earned $75.

It all happened on the SAME day.

That just shows how interesting and unpredictable life is.

I’m honestly SO glad that sale happened on that day.

As that day really taught me a lesson I will never forget.

What I did this month

Now let’s do a quick recap of some things I did last month and how they helped me.

What worked

  • In my last income report, I talked about how I created a popup and how it really helped with collecting subscribers. Well, what I did this month was set up another popup and have them appear based on the category. For all my blogging related posts there is a Pinterest course popup and for Instagram related posts is a hashtag formula
  • Tailwind tribes worked really well for me last month. I think the main reason is that my pin designs have improved A LOT recently
  • when my Pinterest traffic went down one of the things I did was leave some group boards that weren’t benefiting me at all

What didn’t work

  • I didn’t write as many blog posts as I was hoping to which I’m a bit bumped about but it’s okay because the ones I did write I’m very happy with. And I would rather write 2 great posts than 5 average ones.
  • one word-SEO-I’m having a bit of a hard time finding keywords because my niche is very competitive and it’s so hard to rank for anything. So I’m gonna have to figure something out and find a new approach

September goals recap

  • grow my pageviews to 7k ✖
  • get 150 new subscribers ✔
  • work on my affiliate marketing strategy-I tried but I’ve still got a long way to go so wouldn’t say it’s a fail but it’s definitely not a success either
  • continue to make new Pinterest graphics for my popular posts (and experiment with new designs) ✔ –I’ve been playing around with my pins (it’s kinda like a hobby in its own haha) and I think I’m starting to find my “style” so I’m very excited about that
  • create more video pins ✖-I honestly forgot about this one, oops!

My goals for October

  • 7k pageviews (let’s try again)
  • make one Bluehost sale
  • work on my SEO (find a low competition keyword I have a chance to rank for and write a great post about it)


There you have it!

This was my September 2019 blog income report.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my September’s income and progress report and that it made you think about some things. That it inspired you at least a little bit.

I would love to know your thoughts on this post!

Also, tell me, how was September for you? Did you learn any big blogging lessons?

12 thoughts on “Blog Income Report-How I Made $75.40 My 3rd Month Blogging”

    • Thank you so much.
      I have a full guide on how to start and grow your email list you can check out.
      But the main thing I did was create great freebies and promote them on Pinterest by creating graphics specifically for those freebies. As well as promoting them in my posts and creating popups xx

  1. I have earned $1 in my first month of blogging. Even though I’ve been making money online for years, this dollar that came from blogging was the best dollar ever! I am about to sound like a total freak but I’ve FRAMED that dollar! (no joke)

    • I totally understand, it’s not about the dollar but the fact that you earned something from your blog. It’s proof that you can make money blogging ????

  2. Your blog income reports all feel so down to earth and much more relatable to reports at the 10,000 mark :3 This is really uplifting because I hope one day I can do the same!

    Can I ask what email platform you’re using for your email list?

    • Thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words. I’m so glad to hear my income reports are helpful.

      I use Mailerlite and would totally recommend it. I have a blog post about starting and growing an email list you can check out xx


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