How To Rank High On Pinterest Search

Talking about Pinterest and sharing my strategies is one of my favorite things to do.

I just love helping other bloggers grow their Pinterest traffic.

One of the best ways to grow your traffic from Pinterest is by having pins that rank.

Today I want to share some tips with you and show you how you can rank high on Pinterest.

Even as a new blogger (yes, it’s possible).

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You might be thinking, who are you to talk about ranking on Pinterest? Do you actually know what you are talking about?

In fact, I do know. I know what I’m talking about very well.

Just take a look at these pins that are ranking for some quite competitive search terms.

If you search for “Instagram” you can see that one of my pins appears in the first row.

For “Instagram tips” I have a pin that appears second and another one that’s in the second row.

“How to start a blog” is another very competitive search term. And, again, one of my pins is in the first row.

These were just a few examples. I have many more pins that appear high in search results.

If you want to know how I did it and how you can do it as well, just keep on reading to find out 🙂

Why ranking high on Pinterest matters

Before we get into the tips, let’s talk about what it actually means to rank on Pinterest and why it matters.

If you didn’t know, Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google.

Ranking on Pinterest is the same as ranking on Google (not literally.)

When someone searches for something (whether it’s on Google or Pinterest) they get some search results.

On Google, it’s articles (most of the time) and on Pinterest, it’s pins that lead to websites.

When one of your articles or pins appears in the first few spots, it gets the most traffic.

Just think about it.

When you search for something on Google, most of the time you click on the first result, don’t you?

And on Pinterest, on one of the first pins.

You rarely scroll down and click on something that’s at the bottom of the page, let alone something that’s on the 8th or 21st page.

On Google, the article that’s on the first spot gets the most views, and the lower on the page it is, the fewer views (or most of the time no views) it gets.

Same with Pinterest.

Unless your pin is at the top, you won’t get much traffic from it.

That’s why having articles that are ranking high is so important and valuable.

Because you get constant traffic and you don’t need to do anything about it.

As long as people are searching for that keyword, you will get traffic.

How much traffic you will get depends on how popular that keyword is.

If it’s something very popular that people are searching for a lot, you could get thousands of views a day.

How to rank number 1 on Pinterest

Now that I explained what it actually means to rank on Pinterest, let me show you how you can achieve it!

ps if you’re new to Pinterest I would highly recommend enrolling in my FREE Pinterest course that will help you set up your profile and get started with Pinterest!

Optimize your profile for Pinterest SEO

Let’s talk about Pinterest SEO first.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record but SEO is incredibly important!

Why do the pins that are in the first row in the search appear there?

Because they are optimized for SEO!

That is where it all begins.

Your entire profile needs to be optimized, not just your pin description.

How to optimize your Pinterest for SEO

The way you optimize a Pinterest profile is by using keywords to describe what your account is about.

To find keywords, go into Pinterest and type something in the search bar.

For example, my blog is about blogging so I would go into Pinterest and type “blogging” into the search bar.

While I’m typing the word, a drop-down menu appears with some recommended words that people are searching for.

pinterest keyword search

Also, when I hit enter to search for pins related to “blogging” I get these word bubbles at the top.

The first word on the left is what people are searching for the most. And every next one is searched for less and less.

related keywords on pinterest

All of those words are what people are searching for on Pinterest. They are called keywords.

I can then use those keywords to describe my profile so that Pinterest knows what my account is about.

In the example above what people search for the most is blogging for beginners, how to start a blog, etc.

I can use those keywords to describe my profile. (and that’s exactly what I did.

Where to use keywords

  • your Pinterest name
  • your profile description
  • board names
  • board descriptions
  • pin titles and descriptions

Using keywords on all of those places will help Pinterest understand what your pins are about so that they can show your pins to people who are most interested in them.

Create atractive pins

SEO is very important but what is even more important is your pin design.

If your pins are ugly people won’t click on them. (I’m sorry but that’s the truth).

Pinterest is a visual search engine and your pin design matters a lot.

If your profile is well optimized for SEO and you’re still not getting clicks, it’s most likely because your pins aren’t attractive enough.

Using proper SEO will help your pins get seen by people but attractive pins will make them click.

And if you want your pin to appear high in search, you need for people to engage with it.

How to create pins that get clicks

I know that creating better pins is easier said than done.

I cringe when I think of some (okay ALL) of my old pins.

They were so ugly. The text was so tiny, I used script fonts that were hard to read.

Just look at some pins that I created less than a year ago.

And now look at some that I created recently.

What a difference, right?!

Why am I showing you these pins?

To show you that there is hope for you too.

To prove to you that it is possible to get better at creating pins and that you don’t need to have the graphic design experience to create good ones.

My pin designing skills are far from perfect but they do bring me 30,000+ blog views a month from Pinterest so I think I’m doing a good job.

A big part of this improvement is in this really affordable ebook I got and, of course, practice.

I created SO many pins in my life and tried lots of different things.

I won’t just tell you, create better pins and get this ebook and that’s it (but you should totally check out the ebook as it’s full of helpful tips 😉 )

I also want to give you some tips that will help you improve your pins

  • avoid using free photos, instead, take your own photos or invest in stock photos
  • put text on your pins (and make it big and bold)
  • use contrasting colours (if the background is light use black text and vice versa)
  • be careful with script fonts and make sure you can actually read what’s written (I know script fonts are so pretty and tempting but just be careful)
  • use bold and simple fonts
  • check how your pin looks on mobile before adding it to Pinterest as most people use Pinterest on their phones-make sure the text is big enough and easy to read

Choose your boards wisely

Now, let’s talk about your boards.

The boards you add your pin to matter.

A lot.

When you’re introducing a pin to Pinterest (aka pinning it for the first time) you want to pin it to the board that’s most relevant.

You probably have multiple boards that you can add a pin to, but when you’re pinning it for the first time you want to pin it to the best one possible.

So before just adding a new pin, look through your boards carefully and find the one that the pin is most suited for.

Another thing I want to talk about is the types of boards you’re pinning to.

And no, I’m not talking about group boards here, I’m talking about your personal boards.

You probably have a mixture of broad and more specific boards. (if you don’t, you should! )

For example, if you’re a fashion blogger, you might have a board titled “outfit ideas”. That board would be a broad one.

A more specific board would be “outfit ideas for winter”.

When you’re adding a pin to Pinterest pin it to the more specific boards first (but make sure that they are relevant) and to a broad one last.

You should focus on more specific boards and pin to them the most.

Like I mentioned, the boards you add a pin to help Pinterest figure out what your pin is about (that’s why you need to pin it to a board that’s the most relevant first). If you add a pin to a board that is very broad, Pinterest will have a hard time figuring out what it is actually about.

How many boards should I pin to?

This has been one of the most asked questions about Pinterest recently. Along with can I pin a pin to more than one board?.

I think it’s best to add a pin to 1-3 relevant boards.

Add it to one board first (one that’s the most relevant). Then after some time, if the pin does well, you can add it to 1-2 more boards.

There’s honestly no need to do more than that.

Pinterest prefers fresh pins. The first time you add a new pin to Pinterest it gets the most traction and later less and less.

That’s why, in my opinion, adding the same pin to 10 boards is a waste of time.

It’s better to save a pin to 2 boards that are relevant and good quality than 10 that are kinda related but not really.

Get your pins shared by other people

Something that can really boost a pin and help it appear higher in search is getting it shared by other people.

A great way to do that is with Tailwind communities.

Tailwind communities are similar to group boards on Pinterest.

You add a pin to a community and in return you need to share someone else’s pin on Pinterest.

Tips for choosing good communities

  • join communities that are related to your niche, not general ones
  • look at how many members are in the community (you don’t want to join ones that only have a few people but also don’t go for ones that have a lot of members as your pins will get lost)
  • look at the activity and make sure that the community is active, that people are regularly adding new pins
  • before you join a community preview it to read the information and look at the pins that are posted to see if it would be a good fit for you

Be patient

And lastly, you need to be patient.

It takes time for a pin to appear high in search.

You can’t expect to add it to Pinterest today and have it rank the next day.

It can take months for a pin to start ranking.

There is no guarantee that you will rank

I told you HOW you CAN rank but the truth is that just because you follow all the steps it doesn’t mean you WILL rank.

Most of your pins won’t appear high in search!

Yes, you read that right!

Most pins you created probably won’t rank.

But the ones that DO get high in search will bring you consistent traffic.

Final words on ranking first on Pinterest

There you have it!

These were some of my tips for appearing high in search on Pinterest.

I really hope you found this post helpful and learnt something new about ranking on Pinterest.

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How To Rank High On Pinterest Search

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