How To Make Money On Pinterest In 2022 (Even Without a Blog)

Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to your blog or website but did you know you can, also make money by pinning on Pinterest?

And a lot of it?

Well, if you didn’t, now you know.

Pinterest can be a great way to earn some extra cash.


You can even start a business around Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest has come a long way since it was created. It started off as a platform for saving ideas and inspiration.

Now, it’s THE place for bloggers and businesses to drive traffic and make sales.

55% of pinners use Pinterest to find fashion and style products (aka they go on Pinterest to find what to buy) and 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to help them make a purchase decision.

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Can you make money on Pinterest in 2022?

You are here because you are interested in making money with Pinterest. And you’re probably wondering: “Can you ACTUALLY make money on Pinterest?”.

The answer is one big YES.

Before we get it, I want to clear something up.

In this post, I will be talking about earning money USING Pinterest.

Working for Pinterest and getting paid by Pinterest (the company) is something completely different from what this post is about (the only way to get paid by Pinterest is to work for them).

This post is about using the platform to help you make money online.

Can you earn money without a blog or a website?

You might be thinking that in order to make money with Pinterest you need to have a blog but nope!

You don’t need a blog for most of these money-making ideas.

All you need is a Pinterest account and that’s it.

Are you ready to find out how you can make money on Pinterest?

Then keep on reading to learn more.

How to make money on Pinterest in 2022

Now that you know that you can make money on Pinterest, how do you actually do it?

There are 4 simple ways you can earn some money with the help of Pinterest.

Some of these things can make you a lot of money and become your full-time job while others are a great way to earn an extra few hundred dollars every month.

desktop flat lay with coffee

Make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make some extra money, whether it’s on Pinterest, your blog, your email, or anywhere else where you can share links.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that anyone can do it and make it work for them.

You don’t need to have any special skills or a huge following to make money through affiliate marketing.

All you need is a good strategy.

Just take a look at Dale from who makes an extra $500 a month just from affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

Dale shared the exact strategy she uses to make money on Pinterest in her Get Paid to Pin ebook.

So if you are serious about making money with affiliate marketing on Pinterest I would highly recommend checking out her ebook!

It’s super affordable so you’ll earn back the money you invest in it in no time!

AND you can get it for 20% off with my special discount code TFB20.

That means you’ll only pay $20 for it!

If that isn’t a bargain I don’t know what is…

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How to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing

  • join affiliate programs and find products you want to promote/share
  • create eye-catching pins for those products
  • write a keyword-rich title and description for your pin
  • make sure to disclose that it’s an affiliate link (you can do it easily by putting #affiliate at the end of your pin description)

Some ways you can use affiliate links on Pinterest:

  • you can create a wishlist board where you save some items you like (e.g clothing items or beauty products)
  • you can also create a board with your favourites (favourite makeup products, favourite blogging recourses and tools, etc.)

Some important things to know about using affiliate links on Pinterest

  • using any type of link shorteners (e.g. is against Pinterest’s policy
  • avoid using Amazon affiliate links as their terms are unclear

To find out more about affiliate marketing on Pinterest check out Get Paid to Pin and start earning some $$ from the comfort of your own bed (literally)!

woman working on tablet

Make money on Pinterest by selling your own products

Another way you can make money on Pinterest is by selling your own products.

If you sell your own products, whether they are physical or digital, you can use Pinterest to help you make more sales.

Pinterest has so many helpful tools for business. From product rich pins that show price and information about products to the lens camera search, new shop the look feature and so much more.

How to earn money on Pinterest by selling your own products

To sell your own products on Pinterest you want to create beautiful attention-grabbing pictures.

If you sell physical products you can take some pictures to showcase them and how they are used (if it’s a planner create a gorgeous flat lay or maybe take a picture of a person using the planner, if it’s a necklace you can take a detailed shot of the necklace on the model’s neck etc.)

Play around with it to see whether photos that include people or flat lays and product shots do better.

For digital products, you can use a mockup with your cover photo, or a screenshot.

You can also use photos with text overlays.

But like I already said, it’s best to try out different things and see what works best.

Think of a way to stand out on Pinterest and make people want to buy your products the moment they see your pins.

I have my own digital product for sale and I regularly create pins for my product.

Below you can see some examples of pins I created for my product.

Pinterest product pin examples

Make money on Pinterest as a virtual assistant

You can also make money on Pinterest by being a virtual assistant

If you are good at creating beautiful pins and know how Pinterest works then this job is perfect for you.

You can earn as little or as much as you want.

Being a Pinterest VA is a great way to make some extra income on the side (you only need 1-2 clients for that) or you can turn it into a full-time job and have more clients and do more work.

How to make money as a virtual assistant on Pinterest

  • LEARN PINTEREST-first things first, you need to know Pinterest and how it works. If you don’t know much about Pinterest I would recommend doing some research first and creating a new Pinterest account for practice. You can also take some Pinterest courses to learn more (there are lots of available ones, both free and paid) And if you can afford it and are serious about being a VA, I would recommend investing in a course that teaches you how to become a virtual assistant.
  • DECIDE ON YOUR SERVICES AND PRICES-once you know Pinterest and how it works, it’s time to figure out what services exactly you want to offer and how much to charge for them. If you have a blog create a services page with all that information, if not create a website for your services (you can check out this detailed guide on how to create a website)
  • FIND CLIENTS-and lastly, find clients. Here are some places where you can find clients: if you have an email list you can tell your subscribers that you offer VA services, on social media, ask some local companies if they need one, tell your friends and family what you do so they might recommend you to someone

This was just a brief explanation of how to make money as a virtual assistant on Pinterest. If you think that a virtual assistant is a job for you, I’d highly recommend taking this course to learn everything about it.

The course will take you through every step of becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant. From learning what a virtual assistant actually does to all the legal stuff to what to charge to landing your first client and so much more. It has everything you need to know in one place and it’s broken down into steps so it’s easy to follow and implement.

>> Click here to enroll in the course and become a Pinterest virtual assistant. <<

Make money on Pinterest with a blog

And lastly, you can (indirectly) make money with Pinterest through your blog.

Pinterest is a great way to drive free traffic to your blog, I get over 30,000 blog views a month from Pinterest

Because more traffic means more opportunities for making money.

Why did I say opportunities?

Well, because more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more money.

It’s about what do you with the traffic you get and how you convert it into sales.

With the exception of money from ads, in that case, more traffic does mean more money.

That’s why it’s so important to have multiple income streams you make money with on your blog!

How to make money on Pinterest with a blog

But how can Pinterest actually help me make more money with my blog?

-you might be asking.

Well, I’m glad you asked.

When it comes to making money blogging there are three main areas to look at: affiliate marketing, ads, and your email list.

I’m gonna share with you some simple and effective tips on how to take advantage of Pinterest traffic to make more money with all 3 of those areas.

Drive Pinterest traffic to posts that contain affiliate links

I made over $1,000 in my first six months of blogging through affiliate marketing. And none of that would be possible without Pinterest.

Because over 90% of my traffic comes from Pinterest which means that most (if not all) of my affiliate sales came directly from Pinterest.

Here are some tips on how to write and promote your affiliate links in blog posts

  • choose a product that’s relevant to your blog and your target audience
  • write a detailed and helpful post and include your affiliate links (make your links stand out and include a call-to-action so people actually notice and click on the links, bonus tips-the best colour for affiliate links is blue, generally, text links do better (but experiment and see what works for you)
  • create pretty and click-worthy pins for the post
  • optimize title and description with the right keywords
  • pin your pin to the most relevant board first (don’t forget to optimize your boards with keywords as well)
  • schedule the pin to all other boards through Tailwind

The best types of posts to promote affiliate links are:

  • product reviews
  • comparison posts
  • how to’s
  • roundups
pink laptop flatlay

Increase your Pinterest traffic to make more money from ads

Another way Pinterest can help you make more money blogging is through ads.

When it comes to ads, the more traffic you have, the more money you’ll earn.

So Pinterest can be a great way to drive more traffic to your blog and help you boost your ad income!

Especially if you get a viral pin.

Some quick tips to increase your Pinterest traffic

  • regularly create fresh pins (especially for posts that do well on Pinterest)
  • experiment with pin design and titles, try new things
  • pay attention to your analytics so you can work on improving your strategy
  • join niche-specific group boards that don’t have many contributors and add your pins to them

Make money with your email list

And lastly, Pinterest can help you grow your email list.

You know that saying “the money is in the list”?

Well, it’s true.

The people on your email list care for you the most, they are the most interested in what you have to offer and are the first ones to buy something you promote.

Whether it’s through affiliate marketing or selling your own products and services.

That’s why it’s so important to start your email list right away!

How to grow your email list with Pinterest

  • think of your target audience and what their biggest problems are and how you can solve them
  • then create a freebie that solves that problem or makes it easier for them
  • create a landing page for your freebie (I recommend using Elementor, a free page builder plugin)
  • make a gorgeous Pinterest graphic for your freebie
  • write an SEO optimized title and description and save it to the most relevant board

Final thoughts on making money with Pinterest

There you have it!

This is how you can make money using Pinterest.

Some are very simple, like affiliate marketing, while others require a bit more time knowledge.

But I think that there is something for everyone.

Anyone can find a way to make money with Pinterest, no matter your age, where you live, what skills you have.

And that’s what I love about the Internet.

It gives us an opportunity to try and do anything we want.

The possibilities are endless.

We just need to take them and do something.

How To Make Money with Pinterest in 2022

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    I love your detail here and the great options you’ve covered – clearly shows Pinterest is the place for the money!
    I especially love the mention of creating a wishlist board to catch the opportunities passing through.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Gary!
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    • Yeah, a virtual assistant is a very popular job atm.
      I would definitely recommend trying it out if you enjoy making them! I’m sure you would really enjoy it, and could earn some nice money.

  3. Wow! Your posts are always a wealth of information. I can’t believe I haven’t been optimizing my pinterest board descriptions. Always learning! LOL


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