100 Creative Instagram Reels Ideas for 2023

Social media is constantly changing and evolving. It has changed a lot in the last couple of years.

One thing that has contributed to these changes is the evolution of video content.

Video content has been around for a long time. And it has been becoming more and more popular. Its popularity has grown a lot in the last couple of years thanks to the rise of TikTok.

Thanks to TikTok, short-form video content has become very popular and many other social media networks have incorporated it.

One of them is Instagram and its “reels”.

Reels have completely taken over Instagram.

The algorithm prioritizes reels over regular posts. So if you want to get discovered on the platform, creating reels is the best way to do it.

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Creative Instagram reels ideas for influencers

I put together a list of over 100 different reels ideas to share on your account. I separated them by topic so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.

Instagram reels ideas for fashion

When it comes to fashion, there is so much you can share on reels.

Play around with it. Don’t be afraid to show your style and personality.

These are just some of the ideas:

  • Outfit of the day
  • a week of outfits
  • a fashion challenge
  • Outfit ideas for a certain occasion (date, Christmas party, going out, etc.)
  • outfit ideas for a season (summer, winter, etc.)
  • tips for looking stylish in cold/hot weather
  • outfit ideas inspired by a tv show or a movie
  • outfits inspired by different aesthetics
  • recreating celebrity outfits
  • rating outfits (or characters’ style) from a tv show or a movie
  • your favorite trends for the upcoming season
  • your least favorite trends
  • how you would incorporate trends into your style and outfits
  • how to style (a clothing item, accessory, etc.)
  • a clothing haul
  • a “come shopping with me”
  • your top 5 stores to shop at
  • best places to buy (jeans, summer dresses, basics, etc.)
  • fashion hacks
  • how to save money on clothes
  • how to find your style
  • thrifting tips and hacks
  • favorite sustainable brands
  • fashion do’s and dont’s
  • your style evolution
  • a look back at embarrassing outfits

beauty reels ideas

Beauty is a very broad term.

There’s makeup, there’s haircare, skincare, body care.

There is so much you can talk about.

So here are just some ideas of the things you could make reels about.

Makeup related reels

  • product reviews
  • makeup favorites
  • products you can’t live without
  • expensive products that are worth the money
  • expensive products that are overhyped
  • affordable dupes
  • top 5 products (foundations, mascaras, etc.)
  • your “must-have” makeup brushes
  • your everyday makeup routine
  • makeup look for a certain occasion (going out, wedding, nye, etc.)
  • how you did your makeup in the past vs now
  • makeup tips and hacks
  • tips to make your base look “flawless”
  • tips to make your makeup last all day

Skincare and hair

  • your morning skincare routine
  • your night skincare routine
  • your holy grail products
  • top 5 products for something (e.g. acne, dry skin)
  • a reel about the benefits of a skincare ingrediant (e.g. retinol, vitamin c, niacinamide)
  • top 5 products from a certain brand
  • top 5 products under an x amount of $
  • before and afters of using a product
  • document trying out a new product
  • your skin/acne journey
  • your haircare routine
  • favorite products for your hair
  • how you style your hair
  • different hairstyles
  • hair tips and hacks
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travel reels ideas

If you have a travel Instagram account, creating reels is a great way to grow your following and get people on your profile.

You can really get creative and share the places you visit in video form. That lets you show the places in a different way.

For every city you visit, there are countless possibilities for reels. From restaurants recommendations to cafes to things to do to things to see. And so much more.

Here are just some ideas:

  • A day in the life
  • top things to do in that city
  • free things you can do in that city
  • where to eat in that city
  • where to get drinks or go out
  • top 5 places you must visit in that city
  • less known places you should visit in that city
  • expectation vs reality

You can also create reels about travel in general, not about just one city. Like:

  • your favorite places you’ve been to
  • places you’d like to visit
  • top 5 cities to visit (in a continent, country, etc).
  • top 5 cities to visit (for Christmas, in the winter, etc.)

General travel reels ideas

  • tips for traveling alone
  • tips for booking accommodation
  • safety tips
  • some travel hacks
  • how to save money when traveling
  • packing tips
  • things you can’t travel without (your travel essentials)

lifestyle reels ideas

Create reels about anything related to you and your life.

It can be anything from sharing what you’re doing in a day to sharing your hobbies to filming your evening. And so much more.

Here are some examples of reels you can share on your lifestyle account

  • A day in the life
  • What your workday looks like
  • Your morning routine
  • Your evening routine
  • What you eat in a day
  • Meal ideas
  • cleaning and organizing tips
  • funny reels
  • trend challenges
phone video filming

Instagram reels ideas for fitness

  • Your workout routine
  • A week of workouts
  • 5 exercises for ____ (arms, legs, etc.)
  • What you eat in a day
  • a recipe
  • 5 simple breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack ideas
  • Fitness tips for beginners
  • Tips for eating healthier
  • Your workout equipment
  • Favorite workout clothes
  • Favorite places to buy workout clothes
  • Your favorite fitness apps and tools

Instagram reels ideas for business

As a business, there are lots of things you can share with your followers and customers.

  • Show what a work day looks like
  • Meet the team
  • Show how you make your products (the process)
  • Partner with influencers in creating reels
  • Give a tour of your office

How to get more views on your reels

I also wanted to share a few tips that can help your reels get seen by more people.

Use popular sounds and effects

One of the best ways for your account to get discovered on Instagram is to use popular sounds end effects in your reels.

Stay up to date to current trends and create trendy content.

Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are not as important as they were in the past but they are still relevant.

Add 5-10 hashtags that are relevant to that reel. Don’t use some random hashtags that have nothing to do with that reel or your account.

Share reels on your feed and stories

When you’re publishing a new reel, you can choose whether you want to share it on your feed, as well, or not. Do it

Also, share the reel in your stories.

Doing these things will help you reel be seen by more people. And it will increase the initial engagement.

If your followers engage with the reel, Instagram will show it to more people.

Create attractive reel covers

Create covers for your reels.

Make the cover attractive and interesting so it caches people’s attention.

Also, add some text on the cover that tells people what that reel is about. If they know what it’s about, they are more likely to click on it (if they are interested in that topic).

You can create reel covers using a tool like Canva. Or go on Instagram as if you were to create a story. And then save that “story” to your camera roll. Then use that saved photo as your cover.

a girl taking a photo of a cup of coffee

Create reels consistently

If you want to see results and growth on Instagram, you need to be consistent.

When I say consistent, I’m talking about all aspects of Instagram. Posting reels, stories, engaging with other users through comments and DMs, etc.

It’s also important to constantly create new reels.

The more reels you create, the bigger are chances of your content getting seen by new people.

Provide value

And lastly, provide some kind of value with your content.

That is one of the most important things!

Create reels that people will find valuable and helpful. Reels that solve their problems, teach them something.

Those kinds of reels will encourage saves and shares. And result in more people discovering your account and following you.

Final thoughts

Don’t let making videos scare you.

Creating reels doesn’t have to be hard or complicated.

Start with simple reels. Once you learn the basics and get more comfortable, you can start adding other things.

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