5 Simple Pinterest Strategies to skyrocket your traffic in 2022

Ah, Pinterest. You either love it or hate it, there’s no in-between.

When you learn how to use it and spend time on it, Pinterest can be a great traffic source for your website.

That is why I wanted to share with you 5 tricks that help me drive massive traffic to my blog! (I get over 30,000 blog views a month from Pinterest!)

how to increase pinterest traffic

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5 simple ways to increase blog traffic using Pinterest

Here are 5 simple things I’ve been doing recently that really helped increase my traffic from Pinterest.

These are the things, I noticed, that make a huge difference in my blog traffic.

I’d just like to point out that these are the things you can try doing on top of creating great pins that draw attention.

These quick tips will help your pins get seen but in order for people to click on them, you need to create eye-catching pins (with intriguing titles that will make people wanna click).

If you need any more tips on how to get more traffic from Pinterest check out my post about the best Pinterest marketing strategies for 2022 where I talk about even more ways to increase your traffic.

Pin regularly

The number one thing you should be doing if you want to increase your traffic from Pinterest is to be active and pin regularly!

Pin at least 20 pins a day to different boards (a mixture of your own pins and other people’s). When you constantly pin you will get repins, repins lead to more views on your account which leads to more followers, aka more potential blog readers. See where I’m going with that?

So just pin regularly and get yourself out there. Even though Pinterest is a search engine, followers do matter with the latest algorithm changes which I’ll get into in a minute!

I know not everyone has the time to be on Pinterest and pin all day, that’s where scheduling tools come in handy. You can schedule pins for the week ahead or even the whole month, whatever works best for you.

That way you have fresh pins on your account constantly and don’t have to worry about finding time to pin, or whether you’ve pinned today or not!

Pin to RELEVANT group boards

Group boards aren’t, really, a thing anymore. Especially because Pinterest is pushing them out. But I’d say take advantage of them while they are still here.

The key to group boards is to choose the ones that are related to your niche and join those. Don’t join those generic ones where people post about a million different things.

Also, when choosing a group board to join look at the number of people who are already in there. Don’t join group boards that have 100s of contributors. The fewer people are in the group board, the better. So pick ones with under 100 contributors, even better if you can find some with under 50.

Another quick tip (ahh I’m full of those today)

You can, actually, see which boards perform best. Just go to analytics (the old version) and click on “activity from yourblog.com” and scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Boards with top Pin impressions”. There you have a list of boards where your blog pins perform best.

You can use that information for many different things.

For instance, if you click on the “show more” button you can see all your boards. They are ranked from the ones with top impressions/saves/clicks to the ones with the worst engagement.

You can leave those group boards that are at the bottom and don’t bring you any value.

Only stay in group boards that are beneficial to you and help to bring traffic to your blog. And leave the rest (you can also archive them if you don’t want to leave).

Schedule pins from your blog to get published at best times

This scheduling tool shows you what best times to post on Pinterest are, when your followers are the most active. So take advantage of that information and schedule your blog pins to go up at those times.

Yes, Pinterest is a search engine. But followers do matter as I mentioned above.

This is something I’ve noticed from my own experience.

Even though there is a separate “following” tab I get content from people I follow in my “home” tab as well.

And not just any content, I see their recent pins!

That’s why I said earlier that followers matter.

Because, the more followers you have, on more “home” feed you’ll show up on.

That’s why you need to schedule your blog pins to get published when most of your followers are active.

Take me for example, I’m from Europe but most of my followers are from the US. They are most active between 1 AM and 4 AM (GMT +2) when I’m asleep. So if I want them to see my pins and engage with them I need to post at those times.

Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind is a Pinterest marketing tool where you can schedule pins, see how your pins are performing, have access to Tribes and so many other helpful things.

I have a detailed post about Tailwind you can check out if you want to learn more about its features and how to use it.

If you aren’t familiar with Tailwind Tribes, they are basically Pinterest group boards except that people actually repin your pins and follow the rules.

(If you don’t have a Tailwind yet, click here and create your free account)

How to join Tribes

Go to your dashboard>tribes>find a tribe

There you have a search bar where you can enter a keyword or category. Click enter and you’ll get a list of different tribes. From there just scroll down and find tribes you want to join and click join (or request if it’s closed).

How to pick the right Tribes for you and make the most of them

  • join niche Tribes (not general)
  • Before joining check activity (blue lines before the join button)
  • Join bigger tribes (bigger possibilities of repins)
  • not every Tribe will work for everyone (there are so many different factors so don’t feel discouraged if you aren’t getting many repins, just go and find different tribes that work better for your content)

Final words on using Pinterest to get traffic

There you have it, ladies. 5 Pinterest secrets that helped to drive traffic to my brand new blog.

This blog has been up and running for almost two weeks now (they’ve gone by so quickly!) and Pinterest has already become my number one traffic source with lots of repins and clicks on my posts.

That makes me so excited, I can’t wait to see what it will bring in the next weeks and months.

I’ll definitely keep you updated with my blog growth and progress.

I started this blog, not only to help you grow your blog and business but, also, as a little experiment to try out new tactics and tricks and learn new things.

And then write about them, say what worked what didn’t.

We are in this together, learning and growing together!

And that’s what, hopefully, makes this blog authentic and different.

I’m not telling you what to do, I’m telling you what I did (and whether it worked or didn’t)

Also, besides Pinterest, having a good email list is another very important thing for blog growth and traffic increase.

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  1. Your comments about group boards are spot on! Some folks are members of as many as they can find, but relevance and size are so important as well! One of my best-performing group boards has very few contributors, and another has a ton! So looking at your insights is really important. Thanks for the great read! 🙂

    • I totally agree. Different things work for everyone so it’s important to try out lots of different tactics and strategies to find something that works for you. There is no universal “rule” or tactic that will work for all of us xx


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