Pinterest Traffic: How To Get Traffic From Pinterest In 2022

Are you wondering how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog in 2022?

Then this post is for you!

Today I will share with you the exact strategy that I use to get 30,000+ blog views a month from Pinterest.

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Before we get into my Pinterest strategy I need to mention one thing.

And that is that you won’t see results from Pinterest and my strategy won’t work unless your account is properly set up.

And what do I mean by that?

I’m talking about setting up your business account and optimizing your profile for Pinterest SEO.

Because without those things none of these tips will work and you won’t see any traffic from Pinterest.

This step is the FOUNDATION of getting ANY Pinterest traffic to your website.

If you haven’t, completely, set up your profile yet then stop reading this post and go do it right now!

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How to get Pinterest traffic on your blog

Now that your profile is all set up and optimized for Pinterest SEO, it’s time to start using it to get traffic to your blog.

Create pins that get clicks

The first step of getting traffic from Pinterest is creating pins that people actually see and want to click on!

This is how you make them!

1. Research keywords

You’ve heard me talk about keyword research a million times before and I will continue talking about it a million more!

Keyword research is SO important!!

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a new post or just creating new graphics for an old post.

You need to do a Pinterest keyword research!

And how do you do that?

It’s actually a lot easier than you think!

You just go to Pinterest and enter your main keyword/what your post is about in the search bar.

For this post, I searched for “Pinterest traffic”

pinterest keyword research

As you can see there are lots of recommended words like “tips”, “increase” and “how to get”.

Those recommended words are your keywords!

Pick a few of those words that best describe what your post is about and write them down somewhere as you’ll need them later.

2. Make graphics

Now comes the fun part!

Making Pinterest graphics for your posts.

Quick tips for creating eye-catching graphics

  • according to Pinterest, it’s best to use a 2:3 ratio for your pins
  • use big bold letters
  • bright pictures
  • don’t mix more than 2-3 fonts
  • if you use scrips fonts don’t use more than one, and make sure it’s easy to read it
  • don’t make your pins too “bussy”- the simpler the better
  • make the photo simple as you want the text to stand out and be the first thing people notice
  • make sure your pins are easy to read and look good on phones as most Pinterest users search Pinterest from their phones

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If you don’t know how to make good Pinterest graphics and don’t know where to start I’d highly recommend an ebook “The Viral Pin Guide” where you will learn everything you need to know about creating click-worthy pins.

The ebook will not only teach you how to make great pins, but it will also show you what to do with those pins. Because creating a good graphic is only one part of using Pinterest to get traffic.

If you want to check out The Viral Pin Guide just click HERE to learn more about it 🙂

Making graphics doesn’t only mean making a graphic when you write a new post.

It’s also important to make NEW graphics for your OLD content.

Pinterest loves fresh pins!

A few times a month dedicate some time on making new graphics for your old posts.

Regularly make new graphics for your popular posts to keep the traffic coming.

Also, if there are some posts that aren’t doing great try making some new graphics for them as well. But try something new and different to see if that would help drive traffic to them.

Another thing to think about is seasonal content!

Seasonal content is GOLD on Pinterest!

If you write seasonal content make sure to make new graphics a few months earlier and start pinning them so when people start searching they’ll find your pins!

3. Write a description

Write 2-3 sentences that describe what your post is about and include 4-5 most relevant keywords! (remember that keyword research we did? )

After your description add 2-3 relevant hashtags.

Don’t forget to include a call-to-action in your description!

It can be something like “click through to find out more” or if you’re offering a freebie mention it!

4. Pin it to the most relevant board

Once you’ve written your title and description it’s time to save that pin to the most relevant board first.

How and where you pin your graphic to matter A LOT!

That’s why it’s crucial where you pin your pin to first!

The first time you’re introducing your pin to Pinterest you want to pin it to the MOST RELEVANT board!

You probably have multiple boards you can pin every pin to, from your blog board to your general topic ones to more specific ones etc. but you want to pin it to the one that BEST describes your pin to first.

5. Schedule to other relevant boards

Now that you’ve added your pin to the most relevant board it’s time to pin it to all other boards.

You don’t want to do this at once as Pinterest will consider it spam.

I would recommend waiting at least two days before pinning the same pin again. (the same pin refers to the same image).

That’s why I love using Tailwind for pinning my graphics to other boards.

If you aren’t familiar with Tailwind, it’s a Pinterest (and Instagram) scheduling tool.

Tailwind also has lots of other tools like tribes, analytics etc.

I have a Tailwind review and tutorial you can read to learn more about it!

>>Click HERE to get Tailwind for free!<<

I pin manually to the most relevant board and then schedule it to all the other boards.

There’s this awesome feature on Tailwind called interval where you can choose after how many hours your pin will be pinned again.

I always do AT LEAST 2 day interval between my pin (but it’s usually more).

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Track your progress

Okay, you’ve pinned your graphic to Pinterest but how do you know if it’s bringing you traffic?

By checking your analytics!

You can track it on Google Analytics by going to acquisition > all traffic > referral > where you can see exact pins you got traffic from.

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Another way to check how your pins are performing is by checking your Pinterest analytics.

Go to Pinterest > analytics > overview > claimed accounts > and if you scroll down you’ll see your top pins. You can filter them by impressions, saves, link clicks etc.

Use information from analytics to see what type of pins are performing best (or worst).

Do they have the same fonts or a similar design?

Make more pins that are similar to them but don’t make them too similar so you don’t confuse people or Pinterest.

Find common elements and incorporate them into your future pins.

Some extra tips for getting more Pinterest traffic

That was my process for creating and adding pins to Pinterest but I thought I’d also include some tips for getting better results from your pins.

WHEN you pin matters

When you pin a new pin, Pinterest will, first, show it to your followers and based on their engagement (how many repins and clicks it got) it will show it to other people.

That’s why it’s important to add a new pin to Pinterest when your followers are most active.

You can know when that is by looking at your Tailwind schedule that will recommend you best times to post based on your followers engagement.

Another thing you can do is look at Google Analytics to see when you get the most traffic and pin new pins then.

To learn when you get the most traffic you can go to your Google Analytics dashboard and scroll all the way down to where you have a chart with days and times with most users.

You can also create a custom report by going to your GA > customization > custom report and click on “new custom report”.

First, name your report something like “hourly report” so you know what it is.

Then, in your metrics groups click on “add metric” and search for sessions and click on it.

Then in dimension drilldowns click on “add dimension” and search for “hour”, from the drop-down menu pick the one that says just “hour”.

Click on save and that’s it.

Create fresh pins every day

A big part of Pinterest marketing in 2022 is creating fresh pins every day.

Fresh pins are new pin images that are added to Pinterest for the first time. They can be images for new and old posts.

The current algorithm prefers fresh pins and Pinterest encourages users to regularly create new pins.

Creating fresh pins every day doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming. You can create lots of fresh pins fast with Pinterest templates.

Add your pin to Tailwind tribes

Tailwind tribes are similar to Pinterest’s group boards.

You just add your pin to a tribe and then other tribe members repin it.

They are a great way for your pins to be seen by different people who may be interested in your content.

Final words on increasing Pinterest traffic

And that was the exact strategy I use to get lots of Pinterest traffic on my blog.

All of these steps are very important and play a big part in getting traffic from Pinterest but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to just one thing…

And that’s your pin design.

If you’ve done all of the above things (did the keyword research and wrote the perfect description, added the pin to Tailwind) but your pins are ugly you won’t get clicks.

Yes, people will see your pin in their feed but they won’t click on it.

That’s why I think that The Viral Pin Guide is a great investment that will really help grow your Pinterest traffic and get you results.

Pinterest Traffic: How To Get Traffic From Pinterest In 2022

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  1. Hi, awesome tip. I do have a question though. Is it okay to create new pins for my old posts everyday without getting penalized on pinterest?

    • Hi Maku, thank you!

      Yes, it is but just don’t pin the same url too many times in a day (if you do pin the same url multiple times space it out) also, don’t pin the same url to the same board too much. make sure to have at least a 1-2 days space and at least one pin between them. when it comes to Pinterest we need to be extra careful atm ????


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