How To Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

Are you sick and tired of making boring Instagram Stories and want to learn how to create Instagram stories that stand out from the crowd?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In my How to beat the Instagram Algorithm in 2019 post I talked about the importance of Instagram Stories and how they are a crucial part of growing your account in 2029.

They are THE place to be to connect and talk to your audience.

And that’s why it’s so important to be active and regularly post stories.

instagram story tips and hacks

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How to make Instagram Stories

Creating stories is very easy.

You just go to your Instagram feed and click on your photo (like shown in the first photo), then a camera will open up. You can, either take a photo or pull your finger up (on the screen) to choose a photo from your gallery.

Once you’ve taken (or chosen) a photo you can edit it. You can add different filters by swiping right and left on the screen. At the top, you can click to add text, draw something or add stickers.

Play around with your story and make it look how you ever you want. Once you’re done with editing, click on “your story” in the bottom to publish it.

Why you need to use Instgram stories

With all the algorithm changes and posts not showing up in people’s feeds, Instagram Stories are the only place where your followers can, actually, see you!

Your posts can get lost in people’s feed but stories always stay on top of the page.

There are higher chances that someone will see your story than your post.

That’s why it’s so important to regularly post and be active.

The more active you are the more people will engage with your stories and you’ll show up at the beginning.

Instagram stories are a great way to

  • connect with your followers
  • update them about your life
  • tell them about your latest posts
  • take them behind the scenes
  • and so much more

How to edit your Insta Stories like a pro

Now that you know how to make stories and why they are so important let’s talk about making them stand out.

Think of this post as your Instagram Story guide, a cheat sheet to creating unique stories that stand out from the crowd!


I’m spilling the tea!

I’m giving you all my secrets over here!

From Instagram Story hacks you need to try to my favourite apps and so much more!

Take advantage of Instagram’s features

This first tip is an obvious one yet it’s often overlooked!

You can create amazing Instagram Stories with, just, Instagram.

You just need to get creative.

Instagram Stories have come a long way from having a few fonts and a brush tool!

Now you can add GIFs, engage with your followers through polls, questions and so much more!

Here are some of my favourite InstaStory hacks

  • to change your photo to a solid colour just go to brush tool > pick the colour you want > click the screen and hold it (if you want the colour to be able to still see your photo just pick 2nd brush)
  • after you’ve put the solid colour you can pick the eraser pen and write or draw something (to have a part of your original photo shown)
  • if you have an iPhone you can copy pictures from your gallery and paste them into Instagram Story (this can be great if you want to add multiple pictures but don’t want to download an app)

Now, here are some ideas for playing with the basic features

  • use multiple fonts on your pictures
  • write one letter in the neon font and the rest of the word in the classic font
  • write the same word multiple times in different colours (and put them on top of each other to create shadows)
  • play around with the text background (that’s one of my favourites as you can see from the pictures below)
  • use the pen tool to draw on your photos

These were just some ideas, there are so many other things you can do!

Just play around with it and get creative!

If you don’t have any inspiration you can check out my Pinterest board “Instagram Story ideas” where I saved lots of great ones!

Below you can see some story ideas!

For all of these I, only, used Instagram’s features, nothing else!

instagram story design ideas and inspiration, aesthetic story ideas

Create your own stories

Another way you can create Instagram Stories that stand out is by using tools like PhotoShop, Canva and PicMonkey!

All these tools have so many incredible features that can help you create unique stories!

Download InstaStory apps

This is, by far, the easiest way to create amazing Instagram Stories!

Some of us just aren’t creative enough to create stories from scratch or don’t have the time (as the above methods do take quite some time to create)!

With apps, you just pick a template, import your photos and that’s it.

Simple as that!

My favourite apps are

  • Unfold
  • Insta Story
  • StoryArt
  • StoryLab
best instagram story apps to create unique and creative stories

Invest in templates

If you really want your Stories to be unique and different you can buy templates on places like Etsy and Creative Market.

These are so many different ones so just pick ones that you like the most and that match your brand.

Add your stories to highlights

You created those great stories now it’s time to show them off!

Instagram has this greate “Highlights” feature where you can save your Stories on your profile.

Save your favourite stories so people can see them whenever they visit your profile!

Final words on creating Instagram stories

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

This is how you create Instagram Stories than stand out!

Now is your turn! Write a comment down below and tell me your favourite tips and tricks!

How do you create your InstaStories? What are your favourite apps?

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How To Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

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