11 Creative And Fun Instagram Story Ideas To Engage Your Followers

Are you struggling to come up with content to share on your Instagram stories?

Trust me, I’ve been there (many times! ).

That’s why I put together this list of things you can post on your stories when you don’t know what to share.

But there is more to this post.

I will also show you some edit ideas using only the Instagram app to give you some ideas on how to make your stories look more interesting.

Yes, there are many different apps for making cool stories but you can, also, create some really cute ones with just Instagram’s tools.

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Why you should be active on Instagram Stories

Before we get into the ideas, let’s talk about Insta Stories a bit and why they are important.

Higher chances of people seeing your content

Your followers are more likely to see your stories than the posts on your feed.

The Instagram feed isn’t in the chronological order (aka posts don’t show up on your feed when they are shared) your posts can get lost in the sea of other content and most people don’t see them. Whilst stories are on top and they are the first thing people see when they come to Instagram.

They are more “real”

Instagram feed is usually the place where people post planned and curated content while stories are more real and “in the moment”. And people really appreciate that.

They love seeing the “real” life, they love seeing that there is actually a person behind those “perfect” shots.

A great way to engage with followers

And lastly, Insta stories are a really good way to, actually, talk to your followers and build a relationship with them.

There are so many different tools that can help you engage with your audience, like Q&As, polls, the option to respond to stories, etc.

They are the best way to build a strong relationship with your followers.

Because that’s what Instagram is all about in 2020. It’s about building a community and engaging with your followers.

When brands are looking for influencers to work with, they aren’t looking at the number of followers they have. They are looking at their engagement.

Same if you would like to create a product to sell. It will be much easier to sell it to people who trust you and whom you’ve built a relationship with.

And that’s what makes Instagram stories so powerful. As they allow you to build that relationship easily.

11 Creative Instagram Story Ideas And Edits To Try

Now that you understand why stories are so powerful and important, let’s get into the ideas.

#1 Share your posts on stories

Like I already mentioned, most of your followers don’t see your posts in their feed.

That’s why it’s a good idea to share your posts on stories and let your followers know about them.

How to share a post to Instagram story

To add a post to your story go to that photo you want to share > click on the paper airplane icon under the post > click on “Add post to your story

To make your story unique and stand out, play around with it and edit it.

You can change the background colour (to do that click on the drawing tool > choose the colour you want > and then tap and hold anywhere on the screen until the background turns that colour), draw something, add text, stickers and so much more.

Have fun with it!

Here are a few ideas of the things you can do with your “new post” stories.

new post instagram story idea
new post story
new post instagram story
new post story ideas

#2 Share other people’s posts

Besides just sharing your new posts, also share other people’s posts on your stories.

This is a really good way to engage with people and support them.

After all, Instagram is a social media and you should be social.

You can do that the same way you’d share your story. Just go to that person’s account, pick a photo you want to share and click on the share symbol.

One thing you should know is that you can only share photos from people whose accounts are public. If somebody has a private account you can’t share their posts on stories.

#3 Share what you’re doing

Yep, just take a picture of what you’re currently doing and add it to your story.

It’s so simple but that’s, exactly, what your followers want to see.

The people who are watching your stories are doing it because they are interested in YOU and what you are doing. So show them that.

Whether you’re drinking coffee, going for a walk or cleaning, take a quick picture and share it.

coffee instagram story idea

#4 Behind the scenes

Take your followers behind the scenes of your life, your work and show they what you do.

For, example, show them behind the scenes of photos you’re taking for your feed. Or if you sell your own products, take them behind the scenes of making those products, etc.

Show them the process, not just the end result.

#5 Share updates

Instagram stories are also a great way to update your followers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a physical person or a brand, you can use stories to post updates.

You can share updates on your life and what you’ve been doing or about what’s happening in your business.

#6 Share tips

You should also use Instagram stories to share some extra tips and information that will help your followers.

Share something valuable they can benefit from.

If your followers know that they can learn something and find something valuable in your stories, they are more likely to watch them regularly.

#7 Do a Q&A

Instagram has this really cool feature where you can ask your followers to send you questions. Use it.

That’s a great way to engage with them and for them to get to know you better.

It’s all about that personal connection, and what’s more personal than a Q&A?!

#8 Ask THEM questions

Doing a Q&A is great but what you should also do with that feature is ask THEM questions.

It can be something as simple as what you had for lunch or you can also ask them some real questions about them.

That’s a really great way to get to know your followers and to show them that you actually care about them.

#9 Play games with your followers

There are also lots of other story tools like polls and quiz you can use to engage with your followers.

#10 Feature your followers

A great way to build a relationship with your followers is to feature them on your stories.

You can feature their photos.

For example, if you have a food account you can tell your followers to try your recipes and post a photo and then you can feature their photos on your story.

Or if you’re a brand you can ask your followers to take pictures of them using your products and then stare them on your story.

You can also feature their answers and responses to games, etc.

There are so many different ways you can make your followers be a part of your stories.

#11 Film videos

And lastly, you can film short videos to share on your stories.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to filming videos.

Here are some quick tips for videos:

  • show your face so followers can get to know you better
  • if you’re talking in the video, write subtitles on the screen in case they can’t hear you (or don’t have their sound on)
  • make sure your video isn’t too dark so people can see what you’re showing/doing
  • film some simple “in the moment videos”, you don’t need them to be “perfect” (leave those for your feed and Youtube)

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Christmas Instagram Story Ideas

Here are some story ideas to post on Christmas.

merry christmas Instagram story
Christmas instagram story

Tips for sharing stories your followers will love

I also want to give you some tips that can help you create better stories your followers will love

Show your personality

Don’t be afraid to show your followers who you really are.

You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not and something you think your followers would want you to be.

Just be yourself and show who you are. If someone doesn’t like you they can unfollow. There are people who will like the real you are those are the only ones that matter.

Don’t post too many stories

It’s important to be active and post regularly but don’t go crazy and share too many as people will get annoyed.

If you are sharing something and you know it will take you lots of stories to share it write a disclaimer on the first story to let your followers know what the stories will be about (that way they can just skip if they aren’t interested).

Don’t just promote things

Speaking of don’ts, don’t just use your stories to promote something.

Nobody likes to see ads and swipe up links to shop on every story. People will just skip them or stop watching your stories altogether

You should follow the 80/rule where 80% of the time you share stories that are real and valuable to your readers. And the other 20% are promotional.

With doing less promotional stories you’ll actually earn more and have better results than if you were to do the other way around.

If, most of the time, you share valuable content you will build a better relationship with your audience so when you do share something promotional they will be more likely to engage with it.


As you can see, there are so many different ways you can use Instagram stories and so many different things you can share.

But all of these ideas come down to one thing and that’s building a relationship with your followers.

All of these things will help you build a stronger relationship with your audience and engage with them.

At the end of the day, that’s what Instagram stories are for.

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