The Ultimate List Of 100+ Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

Are you struggling to come up with blog post ideas to write about?

Then this post is for you!

Whether you just started your blog and are looking for help with finding topics to write about or you’re simply stuck and don’t know what to write about, there is something here for you.

blog post ideas

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What should your first blog post be?

One of the burning questions that new bloggers have is what should my first blog post be? Should I start with an introductory post? or something else?

And I’m here to answer that and help you.

There is no need to write an introductory post about yourself as you have your About me page for that.

Make your first post just a regular post as if you’ve been writing your blog for a long time.

Because the truth is, nobody actually cares about your story (if they do, they can read your About page).

People read blogs because they need help with something or are looking for inspiration

How to find blog post ideas

This post is a list of blog post ideas but I thought I’d also give you some tips and ideas on how to find topics to write about yourself.

Use Pinterest to find blog post ideas

Pinterest is one of the best and easiest way to find blog topics to write about.

How do I find ideas on Pinterest?

It’s so simple!

Just go to Pinterest and start writing something in the search bar, a drop-down menu will appear with some suggestions.

Those suggestions are what people are searching for and are interested in the most.

Also, when you search for something, you will also get some recommended words at the top of the page

These words are sorted by relevance, meaning that people search for “tutorial” more than “aesthetic”, for example.

Pinterest keyword research for blog topics to write about

In the example above I searched for “makeup” and words like tutorial, products, tips, drugstore appeared.

They can help you come up with blog post ideas.

That is what people are searching for and want to know.

You can also click on each of them and get more ideas.

When I click on “tutorials” I’m taken to a new search where I can see more ideas at the top like for beginners, foundation, eyeshadow, etc.

Go on Google to find topics for blog posts

Another place where you can easily find ideas to write about is Google.

When you search for something there are 3 places to look at for ideas:

  • the drop-down menu that appears when you start writing
  • People also ask” box in the middle of the page
  • related searches at the bottom of the page

Blog post ideas for beginners

Now that I quickly went over some tips, here is what you came here for.

Here is the list of over 100 blog post ideas to inspire you.

Blog post ideas for fashion bloggers

  • X ways to style ____
  • My go-to outfits
  • Outfit ideas for a certain season or occasion
  • How to mix prints
  • My wardrobe staples
  • X items every woman should have in her wardrobe
  • X shoe every woman must have in her closet
  • Designer items worth investing in
  • How to shop on a budget
  • How to spice up your outfit with accessories
  • Tips for dressing for a certain body type
  • How to always look put together
  • X fashion hacks every woman must know
  • My favourite trends for the upcoming season
  • My least favourite trends
  • My worst fashion purchases
  • How to pick the perfect jeans for you
  • How to dress like a ___ (pick a celebrity and find cheaper alternatives for their outfits)
  • How to “shop” your closet
  • Best places to buy ___ (jeans, coats etc.)

Blog post ideas for beauty bloggers

  • The best foundations for ___ (skin type)
  • How to pick your foundation share
  • Makeup products every woman should have in her makeup bag
  • What’s in my makeup bag
  • 5 Best (color) lipsticks
  • Best drugstore ___(makeup product)
  • Simple makeup hacks everyone should know
  • A product review
  • Which ___ (product) is better (comparing two brands)
  • Drugstore dupes for ___
  • Where to save and where to splurge when buying makeup
  • Doing a list of best products for every budget (for example a foundation and then give suggestions for different price ranges like under $10, between $10 and $30, etc.)
  • Beginner’s guide to makeup
  • X Makeup brushes everyone should have in their makeup bag
  • How to clean makeup brushes-best products, some tips, and hacks
  • Beginner’s guide to contouring
  • Tips for doing natural makeup
  • Beauty tips for glowing skin
  • X Makeup tips and tricks from professional makeup artists
  • How to prepare your face for makeup

Blog post ideas for lifestyle bloggers

  • How to be more productive
  • How to be a morning person- tips and hacks that work
  • Your self-care routine
  • X healthy habits to start doing now
  • How to develop a morning routine
  • Tell a story about something that happened in your life
  • How to be more positive
  • How to love yourself again
  • X life lessons you learned
  • x things you wish you could tell your younger self
  • How to practice self-love
  • How to set goals and achieve them
  • X Ways to sleep better at night
  • X Questions to answer to find yourself
  • X Things you need to do in your ___ (twenties, thirties, etc.)
  • X Things you need to do before you turn ___ (age)
  • x Daily habits to start doing for a better life
  • X Ways to boost your mood
  • How to get over your downtimes

Blog post ideas for mommy bloggers

  • Your birth story
  • x Things you wish you knew before having kids
  • What having kids taught you about life
  • Your best advice for new moms
  • Your biggest parenting “failure”
  • Tell about your biggest parenting “success”
  • What being a parent is actually like
  • x Things parents don’t share
  • A day in the life of a parent
  • How your morning routine looks like
  • How to find time for yourself as a mom
  • Why moms need alone time
  • X Products that make your life easier as a parent
  • How to teach your kids to do ___

Blog post ideas for travel bloggers

  • A travel guide to a place you visited
  • X Things you must see in ___(place)
  • X dishes you must try while in ___(place)
  • x Places you must visit in your lifetime
  • How to pack for a day trip/a month of travelling
  • How not to overpack
  • How to save money while travelling
  • Beginner’s guide to planning a trip
  • How to prepare for a trip
  • Best places to eat in___ (city)
  • How to make friends while travelling
  • How to survive a long-haul flight
  • Best places to go on a___ (honeymoon, family vacation, girls trip, etc.)
  • Tips for travelling with___ (kids, pets, etc.)

Blog post ideas for food bloggers

  • Share a traditional recipe
  • a roundup of your favourite recipes
  • a what I eat in a day/week/month
  • X Quicks and easy dinner recipes
  • X Breakfast ideas for when you’re running late
  • X Lunch ideas to bring to work
  • How to eat healthy on a budget
  • How to host a dinner party
  • Recipe ideas for Christmas
  • Healthy snack ideas
  • Healthy deserts
  • Do a series where you share recipes from around the world
  • What you buy at the grocery store
  • review a cookbook
  • roundup of your favourite cookbooks
  • post about your favourite kitchen tools


And we have come to the end of this super long list of blog post ideas.

I really hope you found some new ideas to write about and that this list inspired you to try new things.

And if you need help with writing your posts check out my Beginner’s guide to writing blog posts that takes you through every step of writing a post and shows you what every blog post must include for full potential.

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