10 beginner bloggers share their income reports

How much money do bloggers make?

I love reading income reports, not only because I’m very nosy and want to know how much people make, but also because they are very motivating.

Income reports show you that it is possible to earn money from something you love and do online. There are so many people making money with their blogs which means you can do it as well.

beginner bloggers income reports from affiliate marketing

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(Just look at my income report where I made money in my SECOND month of blogging! )

If they could do it, I could do it. Right?


But, there is another side to them.

Income reports can make you feel a bit discouraged and like you’ll never get there.

You feel like earning money from your blog is impossible and unreachable.

Why do you feel like that?

Because of those articles, you see all over Pinterest of people making 10s of thousands of dollars every month and saying how easy it is.

I’m not blaming them for the way we are feeling! As that would, honestly, be stupid.

Because I know they all worked hard and it took them years to get to that place and earn $10k a month.

I’m so proud of them because they all build something and made something of their little corner on the internet.

They were just like you and me once. They also started with 0 followers, 0 page views and had 0 clues on what they were doing.

Now you might be thinking, yeah so what? That doesn’t change how I feel and doesn’t really help me (or maybe it does a bit? )

Well, that is what this post is about.

I put together a list of different kind of income reports. The ones that will motivate you and give you hope. And, at the same time, bring you down to earth.

What makes them so different? …you might be asking

Well, let me tell you!

These bloggers, I’m gonna mention here, aren’t making 10s of thousands of dollars every month and getting 100s of thousands of page views.

These are realistic income reports of beginner bloggers who are making money, mostly, through affiliate marketing (all these bloggers have been blogging for a year or less) who have less than 15k page views a month.

Is it possible to make money as a beginner blogger?

These 10 bloggers are sharing their journey. They are showing how long it took them to make their first affiliate sale, to make their first $1 blogging.

They are showing you that earning money from your blog is not easy.

It will never be easy.

But IT IS possible!

You just need to work hard and create amazing content!

If there’s one thing you can learn from them, it’s that it’s not about how many followers and page views you have (although they do help) it’s about what you do with them.

Because at the end of the day it’s all about marketing. It’s all about your tactics and your selling “powers”. – These are the things that will help you make your first affiliate sale, or sell your first product!

Here are 10 beginner bloggers who are sharing their blog progress.

“Thirteenth month blogging income report”

Hanna from Millenial Talks shared how much money she made in June of 2019 from her two blogs.

“June 2019 blog progress and income report”

Rachel from Life Fully Caffeinated has been blogging for 5 months and has already made some money from her blog! She is a perfect example of what I said earlier, that you don’t need to have a lot of page views in order to make money blogging. (she had 1.8k page views on her blog last month.)

Third Month Income Report – June 2019

Yep, you read that right. Sophie has been blogging for three months and is already making money.

With only 2.3k pageviews she made money through affiliate marketing which shows you don’t need a lot of traffic to earn money!

Remember what I said earlier, that it’s all about marketing?!

Well, Sophie is proof!

“April 2019 income report”

Lori started her blog in September of 2018. She makes money from her blog as well as from offering virtual assistant services.

“How I made my first $100 blogging”

Taylor and Cris from Beginner Blogging Blueprint write a blog all about blogging and how to turn it into a business. They shared their story and a realistic path that lead them to their first $100 blogging.

“June 2019 income report”

Mikaela shared how much money she made from her blog in June of 2019. She’s been blogging for a little over a year. Mikaela made money from her blog in June even tho she was travelling the whole month and didn’t have much time to spend on her blog.

“First blogging income and progress report-an inside look at growing a blog”

Rebecca relaunched her blog, Boss Single Mama, in April of 2019, and has been sharing her blog progress. She wrote a very real and refreshing post about growing a blog. I definitely recommend reading it as it will open your eyes and show you what it takes to run and grow a blog!

“How I made my first big affiliate sale”

Mariam from Boss Babe Chronicles wrote a detailed post on how she made her first big affiliate sale after only three, yes three, months of blogging. In her post, Mariam goes into detail on what exactly she did, and also shares some tips on how you can do the same!

“How much can a small blogger make? My third month new blog’s income and traffic report”

Safa writes a blog where she shares her blogging and Pinterest tips. She is sharing her journey of growing a blog and turning it into a business.

“How I made $127.97 with ShareASale”

Sharon from Blogger’s Jungle wrote a post all about ShareASale (an affiliate marketing network) and how she earned over $100 in one month with them.

And we have come to the end of this post. I really hope you enjoyed reading it and that it motivated.

Remember, never give up! Hard work pays off!

If you are looking for ways to grow your blog check out my post about Pinterest where I shared 5 quick tips that will help you drive more traffic to your blog. Another important factor of growing your blog is starting and growing your email list.

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    • You’re welcome! I totally agree! That’s why it’s so important to read them, especially when you are just starting out. xx

  1. Hi Valentina
    Great post! And thanks a lot for featuring me. Happy to know that my income reports are inspiring beginner bloggers because that’s the #1 reason why I publish them.
    I like that you have mentioned that “it’s not about how many pageviews or followers you have” you are 100% correct new bloggers shouldn’t wait for a million pageviews to start monetizing their blogs when others are earning with little to 0 pageviews and as a beginner you shouldn’t be discouraged by the numbers, keep going and always remember that the top bloggers started from 0 as well.

  2. I need to start trying to monetize my blog so it’s good to see new bloggers working on it as well. I feel like I’ll never get more than 50 subscribers. Need to work on it soon. Thanks.

    • You definitely should, it is never too early to start monetizing!
      Hey, you will! Just keep working hard on your blog and you will see results!

  3. Thank you so much for including me in this post! I love hearing that my income reports are inspiring to other new bloggers!


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